1. Overall schedule
2. Sites of the school
3. Participants
4. Policy for financial
    support for students
5. Registration
6. Transportation
7. Accommodations
8. Meals
9. Scientific Program
10.Social events
 General Information
  1. Overall schedule
 Aug.22(Sun) 17:00-19:00   Reception   Yokohama
 Aug.23(Mon)-Aug.27(Fri)  School  Yokohama
 Aug.28(Sat)   Tokai   J-PARC tour (Tokai) 
 Aug.29(Sun)-Aug.31(Tue)   School (w/NBI)   Tokai 

2. Sites of the school
  Yokohama site:
   The first part of the school will be held at Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel.
    3-4 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 222-8533, Japan
    Phone: +81-45-471-1111
   Yokohama is one of the biggest cities in Japan with more than 3.6 million
    of population which is located in the centre of Japan, ~25km southeast of
    central Tokyo and 76km from Narita airport (map).
  Tokai site:
   The second half of the school will be held in a meeting room of
    "Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center" (IQBRC) in Tokai,
    which is located just in front of the J-PARC site.
   Tokai village is at 110km northeast of Tokyo in Ibaraki Pref.,
    where new high intensity proton accelerator complex, J-PARC
    and neutrino beam line for T2K experiment are sited..

3. Participants
   This school is intended for graduate students and fresh posdocs
    working in particle physics and related fields.
   Total number of students will be limited to 60.
   Participation to the school is by invitation only.
   Application for invitation is necessary. See “Registration” for detail.
   If the number of applicants exceed 60, selection will be made based
    on the submitted application documents
   Financial support is available for students who attend entire period of the school.
4. Policy for financial support for students
   Accommodation fee will be reimbursed for students who participate entire period
    of the school. Reimbursement will be done at the shool. Therefore, one has to
    reserve a room and pay for the accomodation through the registration page.
   Limited number of additional supports for airfare will be available for students
    who selected based on the submitted documents.
   Application for invitation and financial support is available in Registration page.

5. Registration
   Invited students are requested to make registration (registration fee and
    accommodation reservation) on-line through registration page.
   Registration deadline: June 30
   Registration fee:
    \25,000: until May31
    \30,000: until Jun.30
     This fee includes
      * School banquet,
      * Coffee breaks,
      * Lunches from 28th August to 31st August,
      * J-PARC tour (Accelerators and Neutrino Facility) on Aug.28.

6. Transportation
   Access information to The Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel is available here.
   Transportation from The Shin Yokohama prince hotel to Tokai site on Aug.28
    is included in the registration fee.
   Access information to/from J-PARC is available here.

7. Accommodations
   All students are required to make reservations of the hotels specified by the
    organizer throughout the period of school through Registration page.

8. Meals
   Breakfasts for all the mornings in the hotels are included in your accommodation fee.
   Lunches from Aug. 28th to 31st are included in the registration fee.
   Dinner (Banquet) on Aug. 27th is included in the registration fee.
   All other meals are not covered by the registration fee and will not be served by
   Necessary amount of money for those meals not covered by the school is estimated
    to be about 30,000yen. Most of the restaurants prefer cash for inexpensive meals.
    It is advisable to prepare some cash.
   There are lots of restaurants around Shin Yokohama station.
    Restaurants map can be found here
   There are lots of restaurants around Katsuta station(Tokai)
    Restaurants map can be found here

9. Scientific Program
  Basic structure of the program is
   Two 80min lectures in the morning, three 80min lectures in the afternoon.
   1hour discussion and Q&A sessions in the nights (19:40-20:40)
   During sessions at Tokai, shorter presentations will be arranged in sessions.
  Please see the time table of the lectures.
   The program and lecture slides will be uploaded on Indico
   The school lectures will cover the following topics.
    Neutrino Experiments with Conventional Beams (S. Wojcicki)
    Reactor neutrino experiments (I. Gil-Botella)
    Solar neutrino experiments (Y. Suzuki)
    Atmospheric neutrino experiments (T. Kajita)
    Neutrino oscillation from theoretical view (B.Kayser)
    Double beta experiments (G. Gratta)
    Leptogenesis (M. Raidal)
    Neutrino in supernova physics (G. Raffelt)
    Geo neutrinos (F. Mantonavi)
    High energy neutrino experiments (F. Halzen)
    Cosmic ray physics (T. Terasawa)
    CMB experiments and neutrino in cosmology (S. Pastor)
    Proton decay experiments (M. Shiozawa)
    Grand Unification Theory (J. Hisano)
    Muon rare decay experiments (T. Mori)
    Lepton flavor violation theory (Y. Okada)
    Super-conducting technique for particle physics (T. Ogitsu)
    How to make neutrino beams (K.Nishikawa)
    Large water Cherenkov detectors (Y. Takeuchi)
    Large liquid argon detectors (T. Maruyama)
    Liquid scintillators for neutrino detectors (M. Yeh)
    Conventional detectors for neutrino measurement (K. McFarland)
    Superbeam long baseline neutrino experiments (T.Kobayashi)
    Neutrino factories (S. Geer)
    Beta beam(1) (E. Wildner)
    Beta beams; the physics case (M. Mezzetto)
    Concluding Remarks (A. Rubbia)

    Present status of long baseline neutrino experiments in the world

    Instrumentations for conventional neutrino beam

    Neutrino flux prediction and measurement

10. Social events
   Welcome reception: Aug.22
   Excursion: Aug.24  (\2,000Yen/person)
   Banquet: Aug.28
   Farewell lunch: Aug.31

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